Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Waiting for Tonight

Just two more hours for the huge football fixture of "Barca Vs. Chelsea". Last year this fixture was an absolute stunner. Today, for the whole day I did nothing more than make a list of work that is to be done before my week long deccan trip.
Instead of writing this blog I should try to wind up some work from that list.

Last year during the morning of the match, I had that IIM A interview. I pretty much screwed up the interview when I said "I've been waiting for tonight's match more than this interview". What fool I made of myself in that damn interview, sitting in front of that panel with that :D type of smile.

Yesterday's Arsenal vs. Real match was not that fun. I've a feeling that today's match will also be a let down. Jab bhee kisi ke leeye bahut excite hoke wait karo, it always lets you down.
Yesterday I also went for a Ghulam Ali show, it was also a let down. Ustad sang only two songs which I had heard before. However bad you sing there is no fun in music concert if you can't sing along.

Today i was having lunch at HFC with usual ppl, I made a comment which I think is worth writing. "Those who have girlfriend(s) usually have lot of problems. Those who don't have just one problem: "Damn! I need a girlfriend"" :)

One hour fourty five minutes left.
ta ta

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