Saturday, March 18, 2006

RDB Trivia

Karan Singhania is that chain smoker in Rang De Basanti, who somehow is never able to take more than 2-3 puffs from the numerous cigarettes he lights up during the movie.

I believe his character was one of the finest depicted in hindi cinema, to date. Few days back I was having this discussion with Khemka at a CCD. The question was why was is Karan so pissed off with his dad ?
The popular answer is that his dad doesnt gives him time and is trying to implant his aspirations on poor Karan. That to me doesn't sound plausible. Karan's character doesnt needs to be held in arms and told " I love you beta". Also his career aspirations of studying in US is not in conflict with what his dad wants from him. If there is no conflict why is this constant confrontation?

The key scene in the movie is when the Anupem Kher appears for the first time. The confrontation takes place, kher gets busy on phone (Baarat main band waale bhee khaate hain....waala dilogue). Then Karan goes inside and looks at a photograph in his drawer.
Whose photograph was that?
The popular answer(read khemka's answer) is that it was his mother. That to me again doesnt sound plausible. Why would he keep her mother's photograph in drawer and not on his desk. Also that was a photograph of a young lady, if his mother has died that young, why would he still remember her?
Though it may sound arbitrarily melodramatic, I think that was a photograph of some girl he fell in love with and it couldn't work out because of his dad. It seems that the girl was older than him and she herself backed off because of Karan's dad. That's the root of the whole confrontation.
Bhai Wah!! Poori kahani ka kachra kar deeya.
That sounds so clichéd. But, there is a difference: our hero is pissed with his dad but still he doesn't becomes a rebel. He still stays with his dad and puts off his cigarette moment he sees his dad sitting on the porch. His atonement with father in oedipus' terms happens for a higher reason and not for "love of his life". He becomes a rebel and kills his father like Oedipus did for a love much deeper than infatuation or lust.

Does it make sense?? :o


Anonymous said...

I donot think that the picture in the Karan Singhania's drawer is of his Girl friend. In the whole movie he never say about any girl friend.I donot think that the character like Karan can take interest in the girls.

So i think that the picture in the drawer is of his mother.

He was so pissed of his dad because his mother might had some problem with his father in the past due to busy schedule of her husband.this i am saying because i have a strong point in this.In the movie when karan met his father first time than he said to his father "Mujhe nahi pata tha ki aap shehar mein hain."

Anonymous said...

akshat bansal says.....

hey...crazy idea.....interesting though....

Unknown said...

There is another very prevelent theory I've heard alot which says that Karan was actually in love with Sonia. I dont really conform with that but it is strikingly prevelent. Basically the point is that sad truth of life is that everybody needs a girl. So yeh to tu rehne de....he was most definately not gay.
And he might be pissed off a bit with his dad for not giving time and stuff but I dont think he is anyway a kind of character who needs to be constantly cuddled by his dad.

Hey Akshat,
Sahee hai beta, thank you hai.... tu bhee blog likhta hai kya?

Dizzy said...

haan,likhna shuru kiya hai,kabhi time mile toh dhoond kar padhna,n do tell me if you like my blog

Anonymous said...

Fact is Amir khan read a play by Arthur Miller called 'All my sons' in which there are characters like karan & his father...& the father causes the death of pilots during World War 2 by supplying defective aircraft cylinder. Incensed at this the son...a fighter pilot himself...crashes his plane on purpose and dies - to teach his father a lesson.
Interesting and thought provoking post.

Unknown said...

Nice peiece of information, it is bit unrelated to my bolg but its noce. My blog is thought provoking? really? Geee...thanxs alot :)

johana said...

My god.......I will have to watch the movie again...!!!!

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