Saturday, February 18, 2006

Keertan Rock Concert

The best part of having your own business is that you can pick your weekends.Today, on saturday, I'm here in office after my weekend break at home. With Pitashri's guruji visiting home, it was a kind of spritual break.

I attended a keertan yesterday. Despite my best efforts I could not make any sense of the lyrics the lead singer was singing, for me it was like a rock show. I could not help, but notice the similarities. Much like rock, music was prominently based on beats. Mridang & cymbals together produced distincly evident sound, very similar to that of a drum. There was definately a bass guitar type background sound. I'm not sure where it was coming from, perhaps it was the ghurrr ghurrrr disturbance from the loudspeaker system coz it was played in a room much smaller than it is meant for.

Headbanging started soon enough. Initiated by some babaji type people who were most definately high on hashish. And I've reasons to believe that they did go out for mid performance round of grass. Then they were joined by those awkward uncle jee's who were trying to get in to the 'rock club'. Some popular numbers were greeted by audience with wild roars, special effets were added on those numbers with some people throwing rose petals on audience. The saffron dress code definately looked better than those black eminem t shirts. By the end of the performance the whole crowd was dancing and head banging. And it wasn't like the "shadi dance" in which people keep pulling each other on dance floor with the motto "you cant stand in the corner, while I make fool of myself".

I had the feeling which I always have when I attend a rock show, feeling of pity on myself for being unable to appreciate the music and let my hair down to the beats of the drum.

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