Saturday, September 16, 2006

Silence took over

Ok, now I must post something. I'm facing a blogger's block. Which actually is another way of saying, I'm getting bored of blogging. This is one of many tragic flaws I've discovered in me: I'm never at peace, I keep looking for some changes, I really hate monotonousness. I'm really excited when I'm going to new places and I'm really pissed off if I've to repeat myself. I'm really pissed off right now, because I wrote this post and then I pressed that spell check waala button and it wiped off everything :( . But its not that bad coz I'm writing new things now. I'm also getting digressed.......

I've come back to my reading habits thesedays and since multi-tasking is not my cup of tea, I'm not able to write blogs. Soon, I'll be bored of reading and will come back to writing. Its a cycle which keeps the energy flowing and gives another reason for me to live on. So, since I'm not able to find anything interesting to write and I don't want more hate mails for my last post, I'm posting this poem I wrote a long time back:

A million times I did it over,
like crazy I practiced on the mirror,
wherever I go , whatever I did,
It remained in back of my mind,
And when the moment came,
The silence took over.

I can vividly remember,
That glass-house and that November,
We waited for that unseasoned shower,
I wasted a complete hour,
when the downpour turned to drizzle,
I gathered my courage to utter,
She looked at me with her ever-smiling eyes,
And the silence took over.

The white layout of that ward,
To look at her white face was hard,
her hand in my hand ,
I stared at those ever-smiling eyes,
Suddenly the look in her eyes faded,
as if she got a clue,
I said I love you.
And the silence took over...

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