Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dead Man’s Chest

It’s interesting to see how internal thoughts are manifested in to everything around you. The conflict with my conscious that I had mentioned in my last blog has been resolved for about 2 weeks now. I’ve given up my seat in IIM Lucknow. The Lucknow chapter is finally over. It has lingered in my life for more than a year now. I’ve been thinking of getting back to blogging, but I’ve been genuinely busy last few weeks. Also like many things in life, writing is a bit of habit, its easy to write if you keep posting. It becomes harder if you become irregular. Today I’m sitting here in pune without much to do, I can take out time to overcome this inertia. I now hope to post regularly on this page, let us see how it turns out.

It’s interesting to see how internal thoughts are manifested in to everything around you. They say, when you are in love, it seems all the literature by mills & boon gang is written with you as protagonist (unfortunately I’ve never been in love & fortunately I’ve never read mills & boon, that’s what I’ve heard). I recently saw Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead man’s chest it seemed to depict my dilemma. Captain was abandoning his ship, black-pearl, on a lifeboat to save himself from the curse of Devey Jones. He looked weak, scared and uninspiring. He lost his hat toward the start of the movie and kept looking for a new hat. He was losing trust and respect of his pirate companions on the ship. His compass which is supposed to show the direction to one thing he truly wanted had gone berserk. He didn’t know what he wanted. Obviously he knew he wanted rum, but that was about it.
Toward the end of the movie he returned to his ship. That sea monster coughed up his hat to him. So he got his hat back. He took out his sword and plunged to fight with that monster. That was a truly inspiring moment that was the only moment in the movie when captain looked the way he is supposed to look.
Now we will have to wait for a year for release of the next sequel to see what happens next. I think I’m in a very similar position I’m back on my ship, I’ve put on my hat back, taken my sword out and I’m out fighting Lestrygonians and the Cyclops and the Poseidon. In about a year time I’ll also know the outcome of this battle. Since Pirates of the Caribbean is a fiction and Jack Sparrow is our hero we can safely assume that he will fight all odds to victory. Obviously I can’t be sure about that in my case.
Anyway, captain goes down with his ship.

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