Thursday, July 06, 2006

About a new startup on the block & my internal conflicts

This is one post which has been in my drafts section for a long long time now. I've been thinking for a long time to write about his startup i-tasveer on my blog page. Its a startup started by a group of my friends. I can not provide much publicity for from my blog page which has zero page rank. But, since I've been among the most extensive users of i-tasveer I can sure provide an honest review.

I really liked the simple and intuitive interface offered by this site. The service it offers (taking print of digital phtographs through net and get it delivered anywhere in India) is obviously quite useful but the strong point of the site lies in its implementation. Lately lot of websites have come up for sharing online photos. Flickr being the most prominent. I started to use I-tasveer for this purpose because it was built in my backyard. But later when I tried other established names, I found they are just a bit too complicated for my taste and understanding. Initially I thought why would anybody like to take printouts of photos in computer? Wouldn't they rather see it on computer. It really doesn't works that way, now I'm regular in taking prints and sending them to my parents & relatives. Its just so damn convenient.

This startup was built with a two job model with most of the founding members working on it part time while doing different day jobs. What they have come up is quite amazing and inspiring.

Its good to blog after a long time. My last post on this page seems like a long long time ago. Why the hell such a long break? I might say that lot has been going on in my life. I'm continuously shuttling between Lucknow and Delhi and trying to board two boats at the same time. That's a valid excuse but deep down I know the real reason is something else. I'm having a conflict with my consciousness. I'm carrying a guilt and I just dont want to face my inner self, let alone writing my thoughts in public domain. Some people will argue to write about the conflict and this will help me rationalize. I would rather resolve my conflict and soon I'll be back with a clear conscience.

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