Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ingrediants of a good party!!

.....about a rocking party I hosted yesterday..... Yesterday I hosted a kind of wild party. Today, its rather funny to see aftereffects of the party on all those who attended yesterday. Chummi kee jeeb uske gale main chipak gayee hain however this hasn't stopped him from his charectristic blah blah blah. Varun can not move much coz his back hurts. Bombs was somehow subdued today before diappearing somewhere. I think I've a hairline fracture in my right shoulder but I'm waiting for hangover to go away than I'll think about that seriously. But I am seriosly thinking on ingrediants that made it a good party, perhaps these ingrediants can be used again in the next dish, that would be fun. Let me try to ducument it here for future reference.


Formal and Professional people are strict no no. Uptight people should be avoided but usually when party rocks, they cut loose (like me:)). Obviously party time people are made for such parties. Number of people can vary from 10 to 30, after that it becomes a bit of crowd. There should be atleast 3 girls otherwise it would be an all boys party and no matter what, all boys parties are always sad. What about all girls party? Well.....will need an opinion on that, haven't experienced that but as a concepts sounds a bit sad. So atleast 3 girls and atleast 1 boy (1 boy in an all girls party can never be bad, can it? )


No you can not have a good party without booze. There should be lot of it, infinite for all practical purposes. There should be a bit of everybody's taste, However kind of booze matters a bit only in beginning after a while it all becomes the same. Cigerettes are absolutely optional but should be avoided due to safety hazards. Dope and other stuff.... well, not recommonded for a lively party consuming them requires too much effort and as headline of every stupid paper in town will tell you there are few associated risks.


Music can make any dull party a rocking party and vice versa. Just like refree in good match of soccer never gets noticed similar is with music. Music should be such that you dont even think about it because you are too damn busy dancing. I'm trying to recall I remember gilasi number was played i remember few songs from rang de basanti and perhaps few from bluff master but seriously that coulndn't have carried us for 4 straight hours, there's a huge void. That damn DJ made our party rocking. For first time I'm having respect for a profession which I thought was really lame and I would like to take back all the jealosy I had for all those DJ's who get all the nice looking girls.

Abhee I've to go, rest of the things I'll write later. I just got a sad news. Party is over.


N David said...

huh? one line posts? postlets shall we call them? It made me feel that when I click on the link it will show me something bigger... but. .

N David said...

and then.. I click on it.

N David said...

and then I find it is a fun post.. ..Need more parties in life. ;)

Unknown said...

KD sir you also need a good night sleep. :)

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