Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crossroads of life

You keep coming across these annoying crossroads in life and the route you take on these cross roads pretty much determines your life. Today for sake of writing this blog I'm looking back at the major crossroads I faced in my rather un-eventfull and un-important life so far. I dont think I had much say in that pre-life decision of being born to be or not be , had I that choice I most definately would've decided angainst it, but then I guess nobody asked for my opinion. I think the first cross road for which I chose the route was in 1996 when I decided to change school and shifted from one crappy school "A" to another crappy high school "B". Right now, as I look back I dont have any friends from B also I did not gained much from B. Those two years in B were my worst so far, no real friends, no pseudo achievments. I was bullied around and made fun of most of the times. I did gained some basic skills in basketball and volleyball but I think my biggest gain was an absolutely abysmal academic performance. This performance helped me take decision on the next cross road: to drop or not to drop for IIT preperations. I'm quite sure had I performed even averagely in 12th board I would've enrolled myself to some course in some DU college. It was not to be.

In 2003 when I graduated from IIT, there was no crossroad as is generally the case with most of guys at that time. No 'core' vs. 'IT' vs. 'MBA' dilema I just had one job so I just took it. But that year there was a crossroad of another sorts, to go after that girl or not. I decided not to. It was perhaps a bad decision, I would never know. Later in 2004 I decided to go after one and it kind of back fired. Still it was fun.

In 2005 I took a decision to quit my job, screw up all my IIM interviews and start my own company. That hasn't prooved all that bad so far, I like to be the captain of my ship, however small that ship is, however unsignificant is my role in sailing that ship. Actually there was a decision to be made when I got through IIM Lucknow but since I hate to make decisions I deferred that decision for a year. But these screwed up ghosts just dont die. I'm here in 2006 again at the crossroad to go or not to go to lucknow.

My overwhelming love for Black pearl makes the decision intutively obvious but there are few subjectivities involved which complicate the situation, they are:

1) As crappy as a MBA course is, still it very necessary for if the ship sinks and I have to sell myself as a slave.

2) If anyone aborts this ship its probability of sinking is just too high.... and pirates are not be trusted.

3) You can go as low as 50% attendance if you don't care about grades in Lucknow, that means I might be able to actively involved in my company while persuing this MBA thing.

4) If I dont go for MBA I would have to get in to this marrige thing.

5) I had almost taken a decision to try MBA and my company side by side coz I was sure Black pearl's survival, but then a high tide stuck. Our cash cow client terminated his project. When I got this news I also terminated my last blog (Ingredients of a good party) and not been able to get back to it.

Now the question is would I be able to fill up buckets and drain the water out of the pearl while I'm in Lucknow. Even if the answer is yes, is MBA worth this much pain? From a perspective of a hunger struck kid in somalia or champaran does it really matter?

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N David said...

Hmmmm... sounds like a tough time with decisions.. Decided yet? And hey howz the zen.. sorry I couldnt fix her then.. ( that rhymes!!) and I owe you soem Gas or Petrol or whatever as well..

And I dont think I need to tell you to follow your heart.


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