Monday, May 15, 2006

How to kill a lion

.....about how my friends, with whom I am living these days will kill a lion..... Harsh Vardhan's method:
He will challange the lion in squash game, that poor guy will die of embarresment.
Khanna's method:
He will feed the loin with kareena kapoor movies and Himesh Reshammia songs, lion will die with self pity.
Aarti's method:
She has got multiple methodsfor one she would keep calling lion guchoo , muchoo,puchoo or something like that, he will die a sad sad death
or she will make him his brother and keep repeatingbhai bhai bhai only for like every 5 secods.
or she will keep correcting pronounciation of lionsroar , " it is not rrroarr, but rroaaar" . the lionwill die of throat cancer.
or she can always sing kajra re all the way to lion's moksha
Upasna Bahl's method:
She will simply kick him on the balls.
Yeshu's method:
He will hold the lion with his trunk then hurl him ona rock and then step on him. The lion will die verypleased coz he died just after buying a lifeinsaurance policy by ICICI Lombard.
Akshiv's method:
He asked the lion to wait till he completes hiscomputer game. The lion is still waitiing, he is more eagerly waiting for his death now.
Gunjan's method:
She will call up on lion's phone in her freetime........ she would keep talking & talking &talking and not even notice that the lion committedsuicide half an hour ago.
Amit Khemka's method:
He will take care of lion's kitchen and despite eating vegeterian food the lion will die of cholestrol andobesity with in a month
Tp's Method:
He will drink whiskey with lion till lion's liver getdissolved in alcohol. Lion will remain on dialysis for a month before dying while TP is having a drink with some giraffe.
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