Monday, May 15, 2006

How to kill a lion

.....about how my friends, with whom I am living these days will kill a lion..... Harsh Vardhan's method:
He will challange the lion in squash game, that poor guy will die of embarresment.
Khanna's method:
He will feed the loin with kareena kapoor movies and Himesh Reshammia songs, lion will die with self pity.
Aarti's method:
She has got multiple methodsfor one she would keep calling lion guchoo , muchoo,puchoo or something like that, he will die a sad sad death
or she will make him his brother and keep repeatingbhai bhai bhai only for like every 5 secods.
or she will keep correcting pronounciation of lionsroar , " it is not rrroarr, but rroaaar" . the lionwill die of throat cancer.
or she can always sing kajra re all the way to lion's moksha
Upasna Bahl's method:
She will simply kick him on the balls.
Yeshu's method:
He will hold the lion with his trunk then hurl him ona rock and then step on him. The lion will die verypleased coz he died just after buying a lifeinsaurance policy by ICICI Lombard.
Akshiv's method:
He asked the lion to wait till he completes hiscomputer game. The lion is still waitiing, he is more eagerly waiting for his death now.
Gunjan's method:
She will call up on lion's phone in her freetime........ she would keep talking & talking &talking and not even notice that the lion committedsuicide half an hour ago.
Amit Khemka's method:
He will take care of lion's kitchen and despite eating vegeterian food the lion will die of cholestrol andobesity with in a month
Tp's Method:
He will drink whiskey with lion till lion's liver getdissolved in alcohol. Lion will remain on dialysis for a month before dying while TP is having a drink with some giraffe.


Anonymous said...

Kavvi too good.... Waise thank god you didnt mention your way to kill a Lion

Unknown said...

thanku hai moti jeee ... waise maine to mention nahi keeya lekin oopar logon kee list main kayee logon nain mention keeya my method of killing a lion. Kaafi horrondeous methods , tujhe mail karoonga ..... :)

Dizzy said...

shishir gupta's method:
he will force the lion to read long painful blogs about everything in the jungle and outside until the lion decides to die by himself......:D

kidding,kafi funny methods hain,u have interesting friends i must say

Shashank said...

haha .. mast post
TP ke method ka to first hand experience hai.. mein pune rah chuka hon TP and kothari ke sath .. har din company tun jata tha :D

Anonymous said...

Kavis' Method ...
Cacophony .....

Anonymous said...

Chummis' Method ...
Chummi will invite lion to a dinner party and say him that his share of food was finished coz he himself ate the lions' share and he could not say this over fone coz there was not even a paisa to give a missed call to the lion...The lion will die of shame and hunger ....

Unknown said...

Mr Dizzy,
Kat le

Thanku hai :) , and yeh TP ke baare main tujhe mujhe warn karna chahiye tha. Saala poore dilli ko piyakkad bana deeya hai

Main tera method bhee likhna chahta tha, lekin kya hai na mujhe apnee jaan thodi pyaari types hai. Main chummi ko bolta hoon woh tera method likhega :).... waise chummi ke method ekdam mast hai.

Anonymous said...

Yeh Sara Sar badtameezi hia .. Ek acche khase sober insaan ko badnaam karne ki saazish rachi ja rahi hai ..
Mere se jayada to iss blog pe comment likhne wale peete hain ..

Too Bad !! Sudhar jao Sab ..

Varun Agrawal said...

mast dude..mast likha hai...

Sumit said...

Mast!! Shabbo's comment on Chummi's method is awesome too.

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