Saturday, February 04, 2006

Why I'm getting on to blogdom and other related issues

What sense does it make? The blogging thing?
What purpose does it solve?
If you have to write why not on a word processor and keep it in your hard disk?
I think these were the questions that kept this phenomenon of blogging from catching up, much before than it actually did. Its imperative of every blogger to answer these questions (to himself atleast) before start posting. My answers are not philosophical, they are more to do with convenience.

  1. It's so damn easy.
  2. I'm of the kind who like to travel light in the journey of life. Species of my kind like to keep minimal load attached to us. This web thing is a real blessing; a lot of stuff collected during the journey can be kept virtual.
  3. I would have to write well, with proper thought and all. Its there for everybody to see, I need to cover up my stupidity with proper rhetoric.
  4. It's a nice timepass. Vella that I am, it gives me something to be occupied with (something i like)

That was cool. I came up with good unambiguous reasons. Perhaps not in the right order, but I think they are more or less the top 4 reasons. Writing does make your thoughts clear.

What would I blog about?. I think the title 'phatte' of the blog does gives some clarity on what I intend to write. The fact of the matter is that whatever I write, I would like to be read. There is no real fun in writing if people are not willing to read you. Easier said (read written) than done. Other than that I can not decide anything. I believe that decision should be made only when there is no other choice but to make one. Its like a corollary to "Don't fix it, if it ain't broken". This is one of the golden rules of my life.

Why 'cacofnix'; well that’s becoz of one my other golden rule, which says “ Use cacofnix as a web identity, wherever a login is needed”. It’s not that I’m a paying homage works by Goscinny & Uderzo(I'm just a smalltime fan); neither do I identify too much with the character cacophonix (I just sing like him). The thing is that either my given name is very common or there is one particular bastard by the name of Shishir Gupta who has taken up login at around 300 terabyte data on world wide web. Whatever is the case now I don’t even bother to try out permutation and combination of my name, I simply resort to cacofnix to save time and energy.

Why am I answering all these non essential and un-interesting questions? They are more to get me moving and start posting.

Chalo then, bie byes.


N David said...

Hey.. this is a little too serious stuff here :( anyways.. welcome to blogdom and have fun dissecting yourself on a public domain. We would all love to hear about your startup experiences too.. I am all ears. Good luck!

Unknown said...

KD yaar maine socha to tha regarding startup experiences but somehow maine an 10 blog likh chuka hoon aur ek bhee startup experiences ke baare main nahi hai...... I guess there is a free will after all :)

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